We are Creative Agency for Software Development

Design Services


Developers plus has a great background in design. Our team has accomplished several projects corporation with professional clients and that lead us to understand their needs very well.


The importance of design is that it is a reflection of your company's identity and vision. The reason why websites and mobile applications are attractive is the smart design that fits their needs.


Graphic Design:


  Our services include:


·       Logos design.


·       Branding design:


§  Prints design.


§  Brochure.


§  Flyer.


§  Business card.


§  Company profile.




·       Infographic design.


·       Marketing Ads design and social media ones.


Motion graphic and Montage:


·       Producing 3D and 2D movies.


·       Producing, editing and adding audio and visual effects using the latest programs.




Web design:


·       Web design using: HTML5, CSS3 and bootstrap.


·       Web design according to web accessibility standards to be available to the whole users and to fit the blinds (achromatopsia, vision problems and people who are suffering in browse websites considering on the modern international standards (WCAG2.1 Level AA).


App design:


·       Mobile interfaces design according to the user experience (UI/UX Design).