Who We Are, What We Do


We Are

Developers Plus is an international company specialized in Information Technology.

  • We have a clear vision.
  • We have deep belief in the role of IT.
  • We have creative team that aspires to change and to develop the world to the better.
Our Goal

We aim

To be one of the best companies in the development of integrated software systems in all areas of information technology including:

  • Desktop software
  • Websites
  • Programming smart phone applications
  • The development of reality software
  • Consulting and software solutions for businesses
  • Improving search engines and software quality
Project Done
Happy Client
long-term goals

Our Vision

Contribute to the establishment of a leading software company, and we are committed to the continuous support of the community and its institutions through effective contribution to advancing development, and exchanging knowledge and technology with local and international bodies, by providing the best local and global technical solutions. Not long ago, this effort and diligence, and consolidation Great works with patience.

specific values


We love to challenge hard in solving problems.

Our team have the skills, creativity and persistence needed to solve the big problems clients face in their business.

Building integral systems for our clients as well as authentic software for our industry is our biggest delight.

As we care for client's satisfaction, we pledge them the highest quality level of service, having in mind listening carefully and being fully committed to developing strong and long-term relationships.

Developers Plus

The Masters of Software Development


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  • Business of Developers Plus Co. for IT

  • 1.    Integrated Systems
    2.    Programing: Smartphone applications.
    3.    Programing: Web sites.
    4.    Hosting services and Domains.
    Design services.
    6.    E-marketing and SEO
    7.    Entrepreneurship  + Coaching

  • Quality Policy

  • Developers Plus is committed to following the international quality policy in the development of integrated software systems with the latest technological methods, seeking by all means to achieve the wishes of our customers.

  • More

    • Our tax number is:: 563486232.
    • Our company is part of PITA companies (Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies).
    • Also we are a registerd company at Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.