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Augmented Reality

This technology allows direct and indirect display to the surrounded environment. Those elements are provided by computer inputs such as, graphics, videos, or other data, by this technology, the process of identifying different materials in the surrounding environment can be facilitated. It Can be used in all fields to help people accomplish their various tasks and facilitate them in their personal life.
Our company use this technique and different programs like; unity3D and Vuforia in various products as well.


Virtual Reality

Computer technology uses vision and headphones of virtual reality, also usually uses in hardware spaces or multiple projection environments to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that mimic the physical existence which used in the virtual or imaginary environment. This effect is typically generated by VR headphones which consisted of HoloLens held on the head with a screen in front of the eyes as well as it's possible through special spaces. The company uses this technique depending on various programs such Unity3D, Cinema4D and Autodesk Maya.

Aqsa VR Tour


Assisted VR


Blood VR



Mixed Reality

It is a mix between the real and Virtual in order to create new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects interact in real time. The mixed reality is not just in the physical or virtual, rather it's a mix between them as well. It includes the augmented and apparent reality by immersive technology.
Developers plus is the first company in the Middle East which has approval of Microsoft to begin development of HoloLens products. You can follow up with our products on this page. The company uses this technique depending on various programs such Unity3 and Visual studio.
This video explains general idea about this technique using mixed reality HoloLens from Microsoft.